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If you have loaned money, provided goods or services, or are owed money for any reason and have not been paid you will need the team at Elggren & Peterson, P.C.  to ensure that your moeny is collected.

We are so confident that our team can collect the money you are owed that we will pursue your claim without any upfront attorney fees.

Our clients place claims with our law firm on a 100% contigency fee basis.   You Pay Nothing Unless We Collect for You.

How our proven system works 
                    1.   Free initial consultation.
                    2.   Our team develops a free detailed collection campaign. 

                    3.   Your accounts are entered into our state of the art collection software.

                    4.   Our skip tracing team will find current addresses and phone number for the person or entity that owes you money.  

                    5.   A free demand letter will be sent to the person or entity that owes you money.

                    6.   Our collections department will make contact with the person or entity that owes you money.

                    7.   If the person that owes you money does not pay we will do an in-depth financial asset analysis on them. 
                    8.   We will file a lawsuit against the person and obtain a judgment.

                    9.   Your judgment will be turned over to our legal judgment enforcement specialists and our team will pursue                                            throught garnishments, liens on personal property, and seizure and sale of assets.  

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We are ready for your call anytime you are.  Contact us and feel free to bounce your questions off our Salt Lake City Debt Collection team. We will do everything we can to help you collect the money you are owed. Collecting debt does not have to be a painful process.  We will help make it as easy as possible.

Our team is very responsive to both phone calls and email so please use either or both methods to contact us.  You’ll feel better once you have talked to one of our knowledgeable attorneys regarding your specific legal issues.