We Purchase Debt

Selling distressed debt to Elggren & Peterson, P.C. makes sense!

Elggren & Peterson, P.C. has emerged as a strategic buyer-of-choice of distressed debt. As an experienced investor, Elggren & Peterson, P.C. has developed and refined the acquisition tools necessary to provide sellers with superior one-stop shopping, including market knowledge, key document generation, and a network of experienced debt buyers. We find value where other buyers often see only risk. Knowledgeable and experienced underwriting improves pricing, reduces time, and mitigates residual risk for the seller.

Benefits of Selling Your Debt:

Charging off and selling delinquent debt creates an absolute conveyance to a third party. The benefits of an arm’s length transaction are that it:

Establishes a true “market value”
Provides immediate cash for reinvestment
Reduces holdings and servicing costs; minimizes reliance upon collection department personnel
Strengthens balance sheet
Positively impacts stock value
Minimizes claims from consumers for violations of consumer protection laws
Protects the creditor from the arbitrary loan loss reserve requirement imposed by examiners/insurers
Eliminates loss through debtor bankruptcy