Results Driven Technology

Commercial Legal Software
     Elggren & Peterson, P.C. chooses to serve its clients by using Commercial Legal Software because it is is the finest, most mature, feature rich, and highly evolved legal application of its kind.  It is designed to organize and speed up the collection process, through comprehensive automation. The Collector System easily allows Elggren & Peterson, P.C. to create custom queues, test for specific collection criteria, generate detailed reports, integrate data, create letter templates, and apply payments accurately.

TLO - Online Investigative Systems

    Often, the greatest obstacle to collecting money is finding your debtors. Elggren & Peterson, P.C. utilizes TLO as its main source for locating people that owe you money.  TLO offers the most accurate and up to date address and phone number information for an individual by simply entering an individuals Social Security Number, Address, or Name. In addition to locating current addresses and phone numbers, TLO provides information on an individuals collection and judgment history and detailed descriptions of assets owned by an individual.     


   Elggren and Peterson, P.C. utilizes Transunion to produce and review credit reports of people that owe our clients money.  Our judgment recovery specialists review credit reports to find assets, location and employment information, and credit scores.   

The Work Number

    Elggren & Peterson, P.C. uses The Work Number to find employment information for our clients debtors.  Once the information is obtained, our garnishment specialists simply garnish the wages of the debtor to satisfy the judgment entered against them.